D1 L.G. General Business Meeting May 18, 2024 West Valley Library Community Room

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Meeting Attendees: Officers: Steve Ling, Chair, Gary Cunningham, Vice-Chair, Jerry Giles, Secretary, and Doris Livezey, Member-at-Large.
Other Attendees: Rosemary Kamei (SJ Vice-Mayor), Elizabeth Guimarin, Ashesh Singh, Carlin Black, Roberta Witte, Marc Pawliger, Suzanne Regal, Barbara Morrey, Lloyd Bass, Charlene Marfil, Amy Cody, Chappie Jones, Gary Smith, Vanessa Gonzalez (Mayor’s Office), and Alex Dersh (D1 Council Office).

Action Items:
Gary Cunningham will contact Olympia Williams (Beautify SJ Mgr.) regarding debit card usage by NA’s.
Marc Pawliger requested that D1 members write a letter to the CA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control regarding Costco’s liquor license application.

Motions Passed:
Approved 3.23.24 minutes.

Steve Ling opened the meeting at 9:08 am, and introduced board officers. D1 L.G. priorities are Crime (Steve), Housing (Jerry), Development (TBD), Community (Gary), Utilities (Doris), and Emergency Preparedness (Ramona/Cyrus)

Approved 3.23.24 minutes. No Treasurer’s report (Treasurer-absent)
Gary Cunningham – Gave Neighborhood Commission report and report on Measures B & T.

Neighborhood Roundtable reports:
Steve Ling: Strawberry Park
Gary Cunningham: Strawberry Square
Doris Livezey: Murdock Park
Lloyd Bass: Eden
Ashesh Singh: Eden
Amy Cody: Moreland West
Charlene Marfil: Baker West
Roberta Witte: English Estates
Vice-Mayor Rosemary Kamei: Reported on city budget, storm drains, Costco, El Paseo, small homes, Rainbow Park beautification, small business empowerment day, RV parking, sideshow prevention, new BART cars, and electronics recycling.

Marc Pawliger – Costco project update.

Captain Torres – Report on police officers shot, crime statistics, Flock camera program, and police helicopter operations.

Community Service Officer Joaquin Parra – Explained the CSO job, responsibilities, and duties. CSO mainly deals with property crimes. New non-emergency number is 408-277-8900. Cell phone emergency # is 408-277-8911.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:40 am.

Next Business Meetings: September 28 and November 23, 2024.
Annual Picnic: August 24, 2024.

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