General Business Intro, Minutes and Treasurer’s Report (5 min) 9:00 Commission Reports  (5 min) 9:05 Message from the chair ( 5 min)    9:10 Speakers Vice Mayor Rosemary Kamei and staff (45 min) [audio](The recording starts a few seconds into the discussion) 9:15 Olympia Williams, Beautify SJ (30 min) [audio] 10:00 SJPD Captain Spears (35… Read More

Steve Ling opened the meeting at 9:05 am. Current officers were introduced. Steve Ling, Chair, Gary Cunningham, Vice-Chair, Jerry Giles, Secretary, Betty Kabanek, Treasurer, & Doris Livezey, Member-at-Large. Betty Kabanek: Applied for and requested $1,440 for the UNSCC Cycle 5 grant. Gary Cunningham: Neighborhood Commission is the only one with elected members. The City wants… Read More