Steve Ling opened the meeting at 9:08 am. Current officers were introduced. Steve Ling, Chair, Gary Cunningham, Vice-Chair, Jerry Giles, Secretary, Betty Kabanek, Treasurer, & Doris Livezey, Member-at-Large. Betty Kabanek: Bank balance at 9.16.23 is $2,142.68. Gary C: Will be getting information from the auditor on Measure T. He’s on the oversight committee. No report… Read More

Presenter: Sandra Delvin, President – Families Homes San Jose What is happening now in the housing arena? View article below: * What is happening now & coming up in the housing arena? Solution: Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative State Initiatives with Significant Property Tax Implications for Homeowners Action: Current Vote Requirement////Proposed Vote Requirement ACA 1: State… Read More