Things to Do to Improve this website

 Aug, 25 - 2017   Uncategorized
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Here is a list, please add to this list/make suggestions by using the comment section below this post.

  1. Fix contact forms.
  2. Replace map with interactive map that Steve Landau provided.
  3. For the newsletter sign up – Can we add two lines?Name, Neighborhood Association, email and phone
  4. Add additional users, so other board members can post to this site.
  5. Embed Google Calendar in the website – probably as a widget in the side bar and as a page, maybe under the “About” tab.
  6. What other feeds do we want to show? I suggest we get a Twitter account for the D1 Leadership Group and then have selected follows (e.g. City of San Jose, Neighborhoods, etc.) that we embed as a feed.

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