Gary [email protected] January 2023 Neighborhoods Commission Update Neighborhoods Commission (NC). As defined in San José City Ordinance No. 29297, the Neighborhoods Commission (NC) has the functions, powers, and duties to study, review, and evaluate and make recommendations to the Council regarding issues, policies, and programs affecting the quality of life in San José neighborhoods focusing… Read More

D1 Leadership Group General Business Meeting Minutes 11.12.22 Meeting was opened by Steve Ling at 9:15 am. Current officers were introduced. Steve Ling, Chair, Gary Cunningham, Vice-Chair, Jerry Giles, Secretary, & Betty Kabanek, Treasurer. Meeting minutes of 9.17.22 were approved.Gary C.: Mentioned that he’s on the Measure T. Over-Site Committee.Daphna Wolfe: Parks Commissioner. D1 hasn’t… Read More