Families Homes San Jose presentation 9/16/23

 Sep, 18 - 2023   Land-Use
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Presenter: Sandra Delvin, President – Families Homes San Jose

What is happening now in the housing arena?

  • San Jose missed deadline for RHNA Housing Elements by months!
  • San Jose is now subject to “Builder’s Remedy”
  • Builder’s Remedy eliminates zoning restrictions
  • Builder’s Remedy eliminates or reduces public & city planning department input/review
  • Builder’s Remedy will negatively Impact San Jose’s financial base & quality of life
  • Currently there are many CA legislative proposals in the pipeline with a one size fits all, by right, overriding city ordinances and the General Plan

View article below:


What is happening now & coming up in the housing arena?

  • New organization – Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) – is proposing a $10–20 Billion Tax Measure funded by property taxes
  • Possibly $10.62+ per $100,000 of the assessed value of the property
  • Used for affordable housing (and other items such as COPA, rent control, & tenant protection).
  • Housing for 120% of area median income or lower
  • Agency may override city and county ordinances
  • F&HSJ still assessing impacts

Solution: Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative

  • Support the Initiative: (https://ourneighborhoodvoices.com/)
  • It will return zoning & land use decisions to cities & counties
  • It will not impact infrastructure items (power plants, dams, etc.)
  • It will not change California Environmental Quality Act, California Endangered Species Act, Coastal Act, Water Quality Act, etc.
  • It is currently being reviewed by State as part of initiative process
  • Please consider donating & signing-up for news and petition signing events

State Initiatives with Significant Property Tax Implications for Homeowners

  • Support Taxpayer Protection & Government Accountability Act (TPA).
    It will protect Prop. 13 & close loop holes
  • It has qualified for the 11/2024 Ballot
  • Provides for voters to vote on “fees” & taxes

Action: Current Vote Requirement////Proposed Vote Requirement

ACA 1: State tax 2/3 vote by the legislature///////2/3 legislative vote & a majority of voters
increase by state

ACA 13: Local Simple majority to pass//////////2/3 pass by voters, but just majority by legislature
citizen initiatives

Links for TPA:
https://righttovoteontaxes.com/ (pro) and https://lao.ca.gov/BallotAnalysis/Initiative/2021-042 (con)

State Legislative Initiatives with
Significant Tax Implications

  • Opposing legislative initiatives ACA 1 & ACA13
  • Expected to be on 11/2024 Ballot
  • ACA-1: Abolishes 2/3 voter approval that currently exists
    & impacts Proposition 13 provisions
  • ACA-13: Citizens initiative must pass by 2/3 but legislative
    ones by simple majority; may over turn already passed
    citizen initiatives; would impact citizen initiatives on
    11/2024 ballot
  • Note: SJ City Council voted to support ACA 1 & Oppose
    TPA. Using our tax to lobby.
  • These items still under development. Amendments
    may be made.

Most important items:

  1. Sign & Donate to get Our Neighborhood Voices
    Initiative on Ballot & Pass It!
  2. Get on our mailing list at
  3. Watch for Initiatives impacting you
  • Support Taxpayer Protection & Government
    Accountability Act (TPA)
  • Oppose legislative initiatives ACA 1 & ACA13

History: Families Homes San Jose–A grassroots coalition established November 2019

  • Neighborhood Associations & many City- wide organizations joined together to
    advocate for Single Family Homes (SFH) & neighborhoods
  • Opposed “Opportunity Housing” (OH)
  • Zoning change, up to 7 units on single family lots (SFH) “by right”
  • “By right” = no public comment/review/notice
  • What was accomplished?
  • SB9 coauthored by Sen. Dave Cortese, passed & signed Fall 2021 preempting OH and
    eliminating SFH zoning state-wide
  • SB9 could have allowed up to 10 units per SFH lot
  • December 2021 Council passed ordinance limiting SB9 projects to 4 units per SFH lot
    (the minimum allowed by SB9)
  • SB10 (which is an opt-in law) not incorporated into law in San Jose