D1 Leadership Group General Meeting 05/20/23 (Audio Only)

 May, 20 - 2023   Meetings & Commission Reports
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General Business
Intro, Minutes and Treasurer’s Report (5 min)9:00
Commission Reports  (5 min)9:05
Message from the chair ( 5 min)   9:10
Vice Mayor Rosemary Kamei and staff (45 min) [audio]
(The recording starts a few seconds into the discussion)
Olympia Williams, Beautify SJ (30 min) [audio]10:00
SJPD Captain Spears (35 min) [audio]10:30
Development: Costco [audio]
Development: El Paseo [audio]
Development: Pulte Winchester Ranch [audio]
Event: Hearts for Ukraine May 20 [audio]
Event: SJ Make Music Day June 21 [audio]

Priorities for D1LG

Crime [Steve]

  • Work with SJPD, crime tracking, crime reduction, camera registration, license plate readers

Housing [Jerry]

  • Work with city/county/NGO on homeless, affordable housing that integrates into neighborhood

Development [TBD]

  • Visibility into plans, voice in form/fit/function, vision (Urban Village), parks

Community [Gary]

  • Rebuild NAs, communication city and NA, reach out to leaders other orgs

Utilities [Doris]

  • Drought, Electric cost, Gas appliance restrictions, recycle sorting, trash cleanup

Emergency Prep [Ramona, Cyrus]

  • CERT training, block leads, city/D1 plans

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