Agenda General Business 9:15 – 9:30 Agenda and Minutes (5 min) Treasurer’s Report (5 min) Election (see page 3 of the bylaws for election process details) (10 min) Vice Mayor Jones’ Update (9:35 – 10:05) Commission Reports, as needed Adjourn Airport Commission Neighborhood Commission Bond Measure T Community Oversight Committee

This above video documents the agenda item dealing with Opportunity Housing at the 3/27/21 District 1 Leadership Group meeting. 00:00 – Ken Pyle, D1LG Chair, provides an overview of the topic. Opportunity Housing in the context of San Jose is the focus, although there are statewide discussions that could change the discussion.* The presentation is… Read More

Draft Meeting Notes (Added 1/28/18) (PDF) Commission Reports (Added 1/28/18) (PDF) The next D1LG meeting will be held 9AM Saturday, January 13 at West Valley Library. Attend and hear our featured speaker David Sykes, City Manager. The Participatory Budget activity has started.  The first Steering Committee meeting was held this week.  Hear an update at our session.… Read More