BeautifySJ Grant Tips

 Nov, 03 - 2017   BeautifySJNeighborhood Resources
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Here is a heads up from our esteemed treasurer Roma Dawson regarding receipts associated with BeautifySJ grants.
  1. Photocopies only of receipts will be accepted.  All receipts must be legible.
  2. Receipts must have the name of the store and have an itemized list of purchases.  (Note you may be able to prepare an invoice for the amount.  You run the risk it may be rejected.)
  3. Receipts may not be mixed with personal and grant purchases on the same receipt.  There will be no reimbursement for mixed receipts.
  4. To be guaranteed funding, submit your request to D1LG as soon as possible (for requests for funding from the D1LG).

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