Agenda & Minutes for D1 General Mtg 3.26.22

 Mar, 27 - 2022   Meetings & Commission Reports
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District 1 Leadership Group Agenda

Saturday, March 26, 9AM (In-person meeting at San Jose’s West Valley Library at 1243 San Tomas Aquino Road, San Jose, CA 95117)

Networking 08:30 to 09:00
General Business 09:00 to 09:20
Agenda and Minutes – 5 minutes
Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes
Commission Reports – 10 minutes
District 1 Council Office Update 09:20 to 10:00
Vice Mayor Jones and staff – 40 minutes
Crime in District One 10:00 to 11:00
Captain Brian Shab SJPD – 60 minutes
What actions can D1LG and SJPD take over the next 2 years to help reduce crime in D1?
What metrics can we use to monitor the results of our efforts?
Adjourn 11:00

Meeting began at 9am with Joan Johnsen presenting info on WONA candidate forum 4.11.22. Send questions to the WONA website by next Friday.
Nelly Metovic (Cadillac NA President) updated us on Cadillac’s progress.
Dave Johnsen provided an update on the Winchester Ranch HO Association.

Minutes of 1.29.22 meeting were approved:
Initial motion by Gary Cunningham
Seconded by Doris Livezey
Approved unanimously by all 12 members present.

Treasurer’s Report:
BSJ grant cycle 4 funds of $3k deposited
Balance in bank at 3/26/22 is $4,274.76
BSJ Grant Cycle 4 – $2,923.75
Movie Fund – $631.98
Unrestricted Fund – $719.03
We have the following grant funds available for
UNSCC Membership – $200
Business Meetings – $460
Website Maintenance – $140
D1 Annual Picnic – $200
Driveway Parties – $400
Dumpster Day Events – $1,600
NA representatives: Please notify the treasurer of the date of your event When the event is complete, give our treasurer a list of workers and the and the hours they worked. Also provide clear, readable copies of all receipts you want reimbursed. Reimbursement will occur once the treasurer receives this information

Commission Reports:
Gary talked about oversight commission
He submitted their report
Gary is terming out & we need a need commissioner from D1
The next commission meeting is coming soon. So, we need to act.
Gary said it involves a significant time commitment.

D1 Council Office Update by Vice-Mayor Chappie Jones
Homeless update – Los Gatos trail will be surveyed for homeless activity
Winchester/Moorpark encampment has been removed.
Federal Realty will maintain site.
Abandoned vehicles program has become more proactive
with community officers roaming neighborhoods.
D1 office is requesting more funds for parking enforcement.
Parking enforcement is a major priority of the D1 office.
Crime abatement is another major priority.
Can’t expedite police hiring due to many actions like background checks
that will take lots of time.
David has visited Los Gatos trail by Water District site to observe homeless encampments. Campers t there simply want to be left alone.
D1 has 125 homeless people, which is small compared to other districts.
The D1 office does work close with S.C. County on homeless issues. However,
the City wants county help with more affordable housing.
Pat Hall expressed frustration with city services
Richard Kabanek expressed frustration with county not taken
firm action to abate homelessness.

Crime in D1 Presentation by Captain Brian Shab
Steve told story of Cupertino resident who had 2 strangers in the
backyard who wouldn’t leave even when threatened with calling the cops.
SJPD wants more interaction with the public. PD has analysts who track crime.
Bottom line – we need more funding. PD performs pro-active policing.
Captain Shab presented D1 statistics for vehicle burglaries.
He will forward a map showing beat boundaries.
Vehicle burglaries generally occur in commercial parking lots.
Limit of $950 criminals know and take advantage of it.
We need to tell the PD what is most important to residents.
Don’t use 311 for non-violent Call 408-277-8900.
The PD is getting licensee plate readers deployed throughout city.
The PD gets 1.2 million emergency & non-emergency calls annually.
You can register your home camera with the police dept. so they
can contact you when a crime occurs. See “” for setup.
Nelly Metovic reported that she had difficulty reporting video footage to the PD.
Steve asked the group what crimes do we want the PD to track. The group replied home and vehicle robberies, and aggravated burglaries.
Biggest thing PD wants is for residents to advocate for more police officers.
Steve posed two additional questions, “What actions can D1 LG & SJPD take in the next 2 years to mitigate crime and what metrics can we use to measure the results?” More discussion will be required.

Other Business: None
Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.

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