Things to Do to Improve this website

Here is a list, please add to this list/make suggestions by using the comment section below this post.

  1. Fix contact forms.
  2. Replace map with interactive map that Steve Landau provided.
  3. For the newsletter sign up – Can we add two lines?Name, Neighborhood Association, email and phone
  4. Add additional users, so other board members can post to this site.
  5. Embed Google Calendar in the website – probably as a widget in the side bar and as a page, maybe under the “About” tab.
  6. What other feeds do we want to show? I suggest we get a Twitter account for the D1 Leadership Group and then have selected follows (e.g. City of San Jose, Neighborhoods, etc.) that we embed as a feed.

1 thought on “Things to Do to Improve this website”

  1. FYI- this is a test of the Participatory budget inquiry.

    My message did not get included in this mail.
    Only that it came from me.

    Also, this one was filled out from the participatory budget page – it would be good if it could be indicated as having come from that page.

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